QANDIL Newsletter – January to March 2017

QANDIL has been working hard to ensure that it provides the highest quality of service to all communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I). The latest edition of the QANDIL Newsletter illustrates the work that was completed in 2016 and provides some information from the work conducted thus far in 2017. To learn more about any of QANDIL’s activities please take the time to view the Newsletter and feel free to contact the organization at the addresses provided for … read more

Mosul, Mobile Courts, births, deaths and marriages – How QANDIL provides clarity

QANDIL teams have lobbied to have a ‘Mobile Court’ visit the camps responding to the Mosul crisis. The mobile courts operate with the full legal backing of the Ninevah appeal court and are currently operational in three IDP camps: Khazir, Hasan Sham 1 and Hasan Sham 2. Life in Mosul did not stop after June of 2014 and many people found themselves having papers issued for births, deaths and marriages that are not recognized outside of the city. This problem … read more

UNHCR Issue Press Release on Legal Assistance Provided to Iraqis Fleeing Mosul

On February 27th 2017, UNHCR issued a press release commending the “tireless” and “innovative” efforts that UNHCR and its partners, including QANDIL, have put into helping Iraqi families with legal assistance. The full press release details the high percentage of Iraqis requiring some form of legal counselling or assistance following their flight from conflict areas as well as noting the mobile court response. The last QANDIL sit rep for the Mosul response, dated February 22nd 2017 highlighted that since the … read more

Father and son, from Mosul to Erbil

  Ahmad Aziz is six. Now he is happy, safe and living with his father in Erbil, however up until recently Ahmad’s situation was far more precarious. Ahmad’s family comes from western Mosul and though he himself was born in Erbil in 2011, he has spent most of his childhood growing up the family’s home back in Mosul. QANDIL teams spoke with Ahmad and his father and their story is representative of many of the issues faced by parents and … read more

SVT – Qandil

 SVT – Swedish television is reporting about the work that Qandil is doing for the refugees coming out of the city of Mosul. Sveriges television rapporterar om det arbete som Qandi gör för flyktingarna som kommer ut från staden Mosoul

Interview with Al-Jazeera Arabic Channel

Interview with Al-Jazeera Arabic Channel from Qandil on Vimeo. QANDIL Country Director Lawk Ahmad is interviewed by Al Jazeera Arabic concerning the situation for IDPs who are fleeing the conflict in Mosul. Lawk explains that one of the main challenges faced by humanitarians working with IDPs who have been living under areas controlled by ISIS. He notes that a key problem is that any papers documenting life changing events, births, marriages, deaths, etc issued during this time are not legitimate … read more

QANDIL in the Sunday Telegraph (UK)

    QANDIL has been featured as part of a story in the Sunday Telegraph published on the 1st of January. The story centres on the horrific situations that many individuals have witnessed since the capture of Mosul, by ISIL, in 2014. The deep psychological trauma evident in the stories of the IDPs interviewed underscores the value of QANDIL’s work and its overall goal of alleviating the suffering for all those displaced by conflict in the region. Staff from QANDIL … read more

Fadimedagarna 2017

Qandil supports GAPF and is a cooperationpartner at this important event, to prevent and work against honor violence. The event take place in Stockholm at Berns the 22 of January Qandil stödjer och är samverkanspartner med GAPF och arbetar mot hedersvåd gör det du ocskå. Link: Fadimedagarna 2017

Recognising Success: Meet Qandil

Sometimes amidst violence, tragedy and suffering there are small kernels of hope, of levity and brightness. Thursday 24th of November 2016 will always be one those days for Marwan and Nada. Marwan and Nada are from one of the villages near Mosul and after a two-day period of heavy bombing they decided that the situation had become too dangerous and they had to escape. Despite Nada being heavily pregnant the entire family, Marwan, Nada and two young children, were able … read more

Readiness and Relief: Part 2

Sitting in New York, London, or even just in Erbil, it is easy to grow sheltered to the events unfolding just across the border in Ninewah. However, with each passing day the Mosul crisis grows more complex, more difficult and more challenging. The humanitarian community is stretched. It is coping, but it is stretched. QANDIL, like others, upscaled ahead of the Mosul operation and in a previous piece the role of Mohammed Jabber, a long-term QANDIL staff member, was highlighted. … read more