Board of Directors in Sweden

Carina Eriksson


Stefan Holmström
Board Member

Bengt Johansson
Board Member

Karim Zendegani
Board Member

Inger Josberg
Board Member

Karouk Said
Board Member

Tomas Tjäderborn
Board Member

Dara Ahmad
Board Member

Nawzad Saleh
Board Member


Daniel Madhani
Secretary General
+4676 251 84 02

Marie Kas Aho
Financial Controller – Sweden

Executive Members of the Iraq Country Management Team

Hussein Botani
Country Director
+964 (0) 751 122 7099

Ali Awni Mohammad
Head of HR & Administration

Karin Ericsson
M&E Manager


Feras Al-Baqain
Finance Director

Zhala Ali
Head of Supply Chain

Khalid M. Hussein
Program Director

Field Coordinators

Abdullah Ali Saeed
Head of Office Duhok

Hazhar Yousif
Head of Office Sulaimanya

Dana Wso
Head of Office Erbil

Mohammed Abdul Jabbar
Head of Office Mosul


Shamal Hussein
Project Coordinator Darashakran

Pshtiwan Al-Dawoudi
Project Coordinator       Private Sector Development