PSEA Taskforce meets on a monthly basis

We know that Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) is widespread in the global aid sector. I will never rest until I am 100% confident that our team members are genuinely demonstrating “Zero Tolerance” on any acts of SEA. To that end, SWEDO managers have a specific obligation to keep their team members vigilant and carefully prevent any act that could suggest, imply or create the perception of engaging in sexual activity in return for privileges, assistance or other services of … read more

SWEDO will continue to distributing Non-Food and Core Relief Items in all camp and non-camp locations

During the peak of movement restrictions and the other measures applied by the authorities to control COVID – 19 pandemic, SWEDO and in collaboration with our UNHCR partner, continued to assess and respond to the needs of our Persons of Concern following a fire incident in Bajid Kandala Camp, SWEDO was able to distribute Non-Food and Core Relief Items to the impacted families.

SWEDO will continue with its emergency response until affected beneficiaries in all camps are assisted and their needs are addressed.

Despite the recent restrictions following the outbreak of COVID 19, and in coordination with our UNHCR partner in the Governorate of Duhok, SWEDO teams devotedly were present in camps affected by floods and heavy rains to distribute Core Relief Items to households and Persons of Concern. SWEDO will continue with its emergency response until affected beneficiaries in all camps are assisted and their needs are addressed.

SWEDO Iraq operation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, SWEDO Swedish Development Aid Organization and in coordination with its partner UNHCR, counterparts from the Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization, streamlined its wide range of activities and 28 years of building trust with the communities to deliver messages of advice on precautionary measures for Persons of Concerns to follow at this time of the pandemic. Approximately 575,267 Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs, and nearly all 270,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq residing in … read more

#HearMeToo – QANDIL Joins The International Campaign to Combat Violence Against Women and Girls

“Violence is manifested in many different ways, and so is violence against women and girls. All over the world, women and girls are experiencing extensive abuse through physical, economical and emotional violence. The contexts and challenges differ across different places and we are all obliged to take a firm stand and action to combat gender-based violence and advocate for women’s rights. As a humanitarian aid organization, providing humanitarian assistance and promoting sustainable and peaceful societies, we constantly witness how refugees … read more