Mosul, Mobile Courts, births, deaths and marriages – How QANDIL provides clarity

QANDIL teams have lobbied to have a ‘Mobile Court’ visit the camps responding to the Mosul crisis. The mobile courts operate with the full legal backing of the Ninevah appeal court and are currently operational in three IDP camps: Khazir, Hasan Sham 1 and Hasan Sham 2.

Life in Mosul did not stop after June of 2014 and many people found themselves having papers issued for births, deaths and marriages that are not recognized outside of the city. This problem is compounded by movement restrictions that do not allow IDPs to visit official courts within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. QANDIL teams from the Khabat office have been responding to this issue, but even their ability to go between the courts and the camps has been stretched.

To alleviate this issue and to offer better assistance legal teams from Khabat lobbied the courts to provide a ‘Mobile Centre’ inside the camps themselves. Although skeptical at first the judges eventually acquiesced and now a regular schedule has been established for the courts operation, all coordinated through QANDIL.

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