Interview with Al-Jazeera Arabic Channel

Interview with Al-Jazeera Arabic Channel from Qandil on Vimeo.

QANDIL Country Director Lawk Ahmad is interviewed by Al Jazeera Arabic concerning the situation for IDPs who are fleeing the conflict in Mosul. Lawk explains that one of the main challenges faced by humanitarians working with IDPs who have been living under areas controlled by ISIS. He notes that a key problem is that any papers documenting life changing events, births, marriages, deaths, etc issued during this time are not legitimate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, nor in Iraq more widely.

QANDIL works with families and individuals who need to register changes, or who need to have papers reissued, to ensure that they are aware of their rights and indeed can gain as much assistance as possible from the UN and other partners. QANDILs legal teams are mobile, can access the camp and non-camp settings and provide legal consul as well as referrals, offering useful and practical legal advice for those effected by this issue. The organization has also worked closely with the local legal systems in order to ensure that visits are arranged by magistrates to Khazir and Hassan Sham, connecting those in need with the relevant authorities.

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