Recognising Success: Meet Qandil

Sometimes amidst violence, tragedy and suffering there are small kernels of hope, of levity and brightness. Thursday 24th of November 2016 will always be one those days for Marwan and Nada.

Baby Qandil asleep. Photo: QANDIL, Joshua Ede, Nov. 29th 2016

Marwan and Nada are from one of the villages near Mosul and after a two-day period of heavy bombing they decided that the situation had become too dangerous and they had to escape. Despite Nada being heavily pregnant the entire family, Marwan, Nada and two young children, were able to flee and were soon picked up by military forces advancing towards Mosul. Transport was arranged for the family and they were taken to Khazir camp. The process to register the family and provide them with assistance was carried out by the QANDIL teams present there. When describing how QANDIL staff spoke with the family Marwan highlights that “their treatment [of the family] was very good”.

On Thursday 24th November, Nada was rushed to hospital, despite movement restrictions she was still able to receive medical help within Erbil. Children born in areas outside of the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government or Government of Iraq, present a particular problem in terms of registration and legal assistance, it is in this area that QANDIL has become very specialized. Lawyers with QANDIL began working with the family to record the new birth and make sure that they would have access to the full range of services being provided by the humanitarian actors present in Khazir and as a result of the legal teams’ efforts Marwan and Nada decided that they wanted to thank all of those that had helped them and they named their new baby Qandil.
Baby Qandil is waiting to receive her official birth certificate, but QANDILs lawyers are working hard to make sure that Marwan and his family get all the assistance they require in the meantime.

Marwan and Nada’s gratitude is a reminder to all that QANDIL’s successes directly relieve suffering, through providing protection even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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