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QANDIL is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious humanitarian aid organization that was founded in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Latest News Releases

    QANDIL has been featured as part of a story in the Sunday Telegraph published on the 1st of January. The story centres on the horrific situations that many individuals have witnessed since the capture of Mosul, by ISIL, in 2014. The deep psychological trauma evident in the stories of the IDPs interviewed underscores the value of QANDIL’s work and its overall goal of alleviating the suffering for all those displaced by conflict in the region. Staff from QANDIL … read more

Qandil supports GAPF and is a cooperationpartner at this important event, to prevent and work against honor violence. The event take place in Stockholm at Berns the 22 of January Qandil stödjer och är samverkanspartner med GAPF och arbetar mot hedersvåd gör det du ocskå. Link: Fadimedagarna 2017

Sometimes amidst violence, tragedy and suffering there are small kernels of hope, of levity and brightness. Thursday 24th of November 2016 will always be one those days for Marwan and Nada. Marwan and Nada are from one of the villages near Mosul and after a two-day period of heavy bombing they decided that the situation had become too dangerous and they had to escape. Despite Nada being heavily pregnant the entire family, Marwan, Nada and two young children, were able … read more

Sitting in New York, London, or even just in Erbil, it is easy to grow sheltered to the events unfolding just across the border in Ninewah. However, with each passing day the Mosul crisis grows more complex, more difficult and more challenging. The humanitarian community is stretched. It is coping, but it is stretched. QANDIL, like others, upscaled ahead of the Mosul operation and in a previous piece the role of Mohammed Jabber, a long-term QANDIL staff member, was highlighted. … read more

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