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QANDIL is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious humanitarian aid organization that was founded in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Medverkande: Jan Eliasson, fd vice generalsekreterare FN, Carin Jämtin, generaldirektör SIDA, Cecilia Uddén, utrikeskorrespondent, Sveriges Radio, Daniel Madhani, generalsekreterare SWEDO, Anna Olin Kardell, moderator

“Violence is manifested in many different ways, and so is violence against women and girls. All over the world, women and girls are experiencing extensive abuse through physical, economical and emotional violence. The contexts and challenges differ across different places and we are all obliged to take a firm stand and action to combat gender-based violence and advocate for women’s rights. As a humanitarian aid organization, providing humanitarian assistance and promoting sustainable and peaceful societies, we constantly witness how refugees … read more

Se Qandil:s seminarium från Almedalen 2018 nu i efterhand.

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