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what is qandil?

Qandil is a Swedish Humanitarian Aid Organization.

We are a non-governmental, non-political and non-religious organization.

Ourl primary field of work is in:
• Water and sanitation
• Health
• Education
• Shelter for internally displaced people, returnees and refugees

Qandil have constructed housing for more than 45,000 people, assisted around 900,000 people through our health work, and infrastructure has been built for water and sanitation for around two million people.

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Real people, real stories


Behind every refugee there is a story and dreams. Every day is now filled with new challenges and difficulties. Many refugees do not even want to think about the near future because they are unsure of what will happen to them.

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Happening right now


As part of its massive joint project with the UNHCR to distribute 18,000 barrels of 3,600,000 Litres of Kerosene over 18,000 IDP families in Duhok Governorate, QANDIL distributed yesterday 561 empty barrels in Bajet Kandala Camp

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would you like to make a difference?

Just like us there are people, real people that would really need a helping hand to get through a day and get on a way to a better life and a better world around us.

 “One can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone!”

Qandil has it’s headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden and its Country management office in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) with offices in Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaimaniya.

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Kvinnorna är IS värst utsatta offer
Tusentals kvinnor våldtas och säljs i Irak. Varken Irakiska myndigheter eller FN:s flyktingorgan har en handlingsplan. Men svensk hjälp kan spela en viktig roll, skriver Karouk Said. Läs artikeln på expressen.se
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jobs avaiable

Right now the position of a Communite Service Assistant, a lawyer and a Prigram Director are avaiable. »

We appreciate any help and we are thankful for any contribution.