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QANDIL is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious humanitarian aid organization that was founded in 1991 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Latest News Releases

Kent Härstedt, Member of the Swedish Parliament and President of Forum Syd did attend the Qandil exhibition at Göteborg book faire. Qandil attended with great success for the first time in history.

QANDIL is pleased to announce the release of its latest newsletter detailing the activities done between the start of April and the end of June. The issue particularly focuses on World Refugee Day 2017 and all the work that QANDIL teams did in preparation for this internationally recognised day. Other features include a description of the Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance process, as well as health and hygiene activities. Read More

Onsdag den 5 juni kl: 15.00 så har Qandil ett seminarium på temat “Inga vänner utom bergen” författaren och diplomaten Ingmar Karlsson medverkar och han har med sig sin nya bok till försäljning med samma titel.

The 23rd and 24th of May 2017 marks the first year since the adoption of the Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. The Charter marks an important step in recognizing the humanitarian community’s need to better include persons with disabilities in all aspects of their work. QANDIL, though not a signatory to the Charter at this point, supports the goals contained within and has continually worked to better address … read more

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